American West Coast, Expedition Cruise

Vancouver to San Fransisco

Fares from €4,700 per guest

ENHANCED WHALE WATCHING VOYAGE – From the towering redwoods of Eureka and the fertile wooded hillsides of Astoria, to unforgettable encounters with incredible marine life, this American odyssey is a true west coast adventure. Two new destinations of Anacortez and Cypress Island offer exceptional whale watching opportunities, while the quiet sophistication of Olympia and Mt. Rainer offer a picturesque landscape worthy of Hollywood.

Silver Explorer

7810 - Vancouver to San Francisco

Silversea’s purpose-built luxury Silver Explorer expedition cruise ship has been designed specifically for navigating waters in some of the world’s most remote destinations, including both of earth’s polar regions.  A strengthened hull with a Lloyd’s Register ice-class notation (1A) for passenger vessels enables the Silver Explorer Expedition Cruise Ship to safely push through ice floes with ease. A fleet of 12 Zodiac boats allows Silversea Expedition guests to visit even the most off-the-beaten path locations and an expert Expedition Team provides insight and understanding to each unforgettable Silver Explorer luxury cruise adventure.


Vancouver Sunday 13 May
Depart 6:00 PM

Vancouver is a delicious juxtaposition of urban sophistication and on-your-doorstep wilderness adventure. The mountains and seascape make the city an outdoor playground for hiking, skiing, kayaking, cycling, and sailing—and so much more—while the cuisine and arts scenes are equally diverse, reflecting the makeup of Vancouver’s ethnic (predominantly Asian) mosaic. Vancouver is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities, and it’s easy for visitors to see why. It’s beautiful, it’s outdoorsy, and there’s a laidback West Coast vibe.
Friday Harbour, San Juan Island, WA

Friday Harbour, San Juan Island, WAMonday 14 May
Arrive: 6:00 AM, Depart 0:30 PM

Friday Harbor is a small town on San Juan Island, one of the largest islands in the San Juan Archipelago. It is the major commercial centre of this region, but remains a quaint, tranquil, slow-paced seaport. The town was named after Joseph Poalie Friday who was a native Hawaiian employed as a shepherd by the Hudson Bay Company. When sailers cruised past the coastline and saw smoke from his campfire, they knew they were close to “Friday’s Harbor”. The main street leading up from the port is called Spring Street. It is the oldest street in Friday Harbor, dating back to 1873.
Lopez Island, WA

Lopez Island, WAMonday 14 May
Arrive: 2:00 PM, Depart 11:00 PM

Lopez Island is quite rural and has a small village north of Fisherman Bay called Lopez Village. One can explore the village and the surrounding wetlands and parks, see the Museum and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the island.
Anacortes, WA

Anacortes, WA Tuesday 15 May
Arrive: 5:30 AM, Depart 0:30 PM

Anacortes is a thriving seaside town located on the beautiful Fidalgo Island in the San Juan archipelago in the Pacific Northwest. It is equidistant between Seattle, Washington to the south and Vancouver, B.C. to the north (approx. 80 miles from each). First known as Ship Harbour, Anacortes was established in 1879 by settler Amos Bowman in the vain hope that it would be selected as the terminus for the transcontinental Northern Pacific Railroad. It was renamed “Anacortes” after Amos Bowman’s wife Anna Curtis.
Cypress Island, WA

Cypress Island, WA Tuesday 15 May
Arrive: 2:00 PM, Depart 7:00 PM

Cypress Island, a small remote island, is located in the middle of the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound, Washington. Nearly 90% of its area is managed by the Department of Natural Resources and has been designated by the State of Washington as a Natural Resource Conservation Area and a Natural Area Preserve, giving it the highest possible form of protection. The waters surrounding the island became an Aquatic Reserve in 2007.The steep slopes are heavily forested and provides critical habitats for island wildlife. Recent surveys found over 142 species of birds and over 264 plants.
Olympia, WA

Olympia, WAWednesday 16 May
Arrive: 7:00 AM, Depart 7:00 PM

Olympia is located at the farthest southerly section of Puget Sound. It is the capitol of Washington State, but it is not the largest city – the largest city is Seattle, located 60 miles to the northeast. The site of Olympia has been home indigenous Americans for thousands of years before the first European visited the area in 1792. It was Peter Puget and a crew from the British Vancouver Expedition that first charted the site. In 1846, Edmund Sylvester and Levi Smith jointly claimed the land that now comprises downtown Olympia.
Port Angeles, WA

Port Angeles, WA Thursday 17 May
Arrive: 6:30 AM, Depart 4:30 PM

Port Angeles is located at the northern edge of the Olympic Peninsula on the shores of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, across from the southern tip of Vancouver Island. The area was occupied by indigenous Americans for thousands of years. The Spanish explorer Francisco de Eliza entered the harbour in 1791 and named it Puerto de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles (Port of Our Lady of the Angels), claiming it for Spain. Later, in the mid 1800’s, settlers from the United States shortened and anglicized the name to Port Angeles harbour.
Astoria, Oregon

Astoria, Oregon Friday 18 May
Arrive: 0:30 PM, Depart 11:00 PM

Astoria is a quaint little town located along the Oregon coast. It is extremely picturesque with miles of secluded beaches, sand dunes, crashing waves, lighthouses and towering forests. The town itself is a unique combination of rustic fishing village with Victorian-era houses tucked into the hills overlooking the southern shores of the mouth of the Columbia River. It was the first permanent United States settlement on the Pacific coast, established in 1811, and was home to the first U.S. post office west of the Rocky Mountains.
Rainier, Oregon

Rainier, OregonSaturday 19 May
Arrive: 7:00 AM, Depart 7:00 PM

Rainier is a quaint little town nestled on the southern shore of the Columbia River with only about 2000 people living there year round. It was founded in 1851 by Charles E. Fox, the town’s first postman and named Eminence, then renamed Fox’s Landing. It was further changed to its current name Rainier in 1852 in recognition of nearby Mt Rainier, and was incorporated in 1881. Mt. St Helens, one of the most famous volcanoes in the US for its catastrophic explosion of May 18, 1980, lies just over the Washington border to the south of Rainier.
Day at sea

Day at sea Sunday 20 May

While we’re at sea, enjoy wine tastings, designer boutiques, language and dance classes. Take in a matinee movie, check the market or your e-mail in the Internet Point, slip away with a novel from the library to a sunny chaise or with a movie to your suite. Or just take in the sun pool side. The choice is yours.
Eureka, CA

Eureka, CA Monday 21 May
Arrive: 6:00 AM, Depart 1:00 PM

Eureka is set in a beautiful area, bordered on one side by Humboldt Bay and on the other by towering mountains covered with giant redwoods. It is on US Route 101; about 270 miles north of San Francisco and 100 miles south of the Oregon border and is the largest coastal city between San Francisco and Portland. This part of Northern California, also known as the Redwood Empire, has a rich logging heritage. Due to the difficulty to locate the narrow entrance to Humbodlt Bay, Eureka was not founded until 1850.
San Francisco, California

San Francisco, CaliforniaTuesday 22 May
Arrive: 9:00 AM

With its myriad hills and spectacular bay, San Francisco beguiles with natural beauty, vibrant neighborhoods, and contagious energy. From the hipster Mission District to the sassy Castro, from bustling Union Square to enduring Chinatown, this dynamic town thrives on variety. The city makes it wonderfully easy to tap into the good life, too: between San Francisco’s hot arts scene, tempting boutiques, parks perfect for jogging or biking, and all those stellar locavore restaurants and cocktail bars, it’s the ultimate destination for relaxed self-indulgence.

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